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CoachesCorner is a sports coaching community that helps coaches and teams plan, prepare and share.

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Our newsfeed allows you to interact in real time with friends and colleagues whilst networking and building connections with other forward thinking coaches around the world.

Instantly receive feedback on your session plans and gain insight from qualified and progressive coaches. View other coaches approach to sessions that can be adapted to your teams needs.

Access and share information, including videos, photographs and text with ease to develop your coaching expertise and expand your subject knowledge to get the most out of every session.

Session Library

Members can save sessions to a private library, team library or to the session library which can be accessed and added to by other coaches giving access to hundreds of pre made session plans, tried and tested by experienced coaches.

The filtering system allows members to select appropriate material based on age, category, time and area restrictions and popularity. With one click activities can be copied and edited to suit individual specifications and may be stored in a personal or team library for future reference.

Session Planner

The CoachesCorner session planner for Gaelic, Rugby and Soccer has been developed as a user friendly platform and can be edited on desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets to clearly display your practices on the field or strength and conditioning programs indoors.

With a click of a button sessions can be downloaded to the coaches’ smartphone or tablet and can be used as a reminder during sessions or as a useful coaching aid in showing players a clear picture of the set-up of a particular activity.

The planner allows coaches to prepare professional plans that can be used for short term and long term planning that can be retrospectively edited and adapted for future sessions.

Team Section

Members can create a team area where accepted users can access a private newsfeed to easily share information. A calendar provides team members a clear picture of what is happening within the club in the coming weeks or months and to plan for upcoming events.

The team session area allows coaches to provide continuity and progression in their coaching by creating an area where a clear coaching philosophy can be shared and accessed by all members of the team.

The Office area allows coaches to upload documents such as fixture lists, fundraising templates or registration forms for easy access and sharing.

The Classroom

Read articles written by experts in the fields of sports coaching, teaching, strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology as well as elite level performers and coaches.

The Classroom allows grassroots coaches to access materials and ideas used by professional clubs in a range of sports to continue developing their knowledge and expertise in an educational, enjoyable and interactive environment.

Draw relevant information from a database of current and evolving articles covering a wide range of topics in sport.

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